Re: [xsl] Fwd: Five xdt:* types renamed

Subject: Re: [xsl] Fwd: Five xdt:* types renamed
From: Frans Englich <frans.englich@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2006 13:58:47 +0000
On Thursday 23 February 2006 08:22, Joe Fawcett wrote:
> I don't know, but I can already see a slew of future posts to which the
> reply will be:
> Well originally these types were in the ... namespace but were moved rather
> late in the game, you'll have to modify your ...

Yes, but this temporary confusion is also to me by no doubt preferred in front 
of what we otherwise would have. Of course, I nevertheless have understanding 
in how cumbersome this intrusive change.

I think it in this case can be good to compare different views from the XML 
community. We cannot complain about W3C XML Schema(which we love to do!), and 
also be conservative when trying to steer away from new failures. Improvement 
requires work, it requires change.



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