Re: [xsl] Why doesn test work in one case, but not another???

Subject: Re: [xsl] Why doesn test work in one case, but not another???
From: Shirley Gasch <sgasch@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 10 May 2006 15:56:19 -0400
Hi again John,

This time, I put in only the first test and then put in the text "Unknown" in the part where it should go if it fails the test - it fails the test all of the time!


On 5/10/06, Shirley Gasch <sgasch@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I am using XML Version 1 and have two situations of search results
pages. In one, a test between a text variable in Filemaker Pro and a
text value works perfectly, but in another, it doesn't.
Unfortunately, I can't see what is different about them.  I have
included the front part from both and the test areas from both:

Without seeing a sample of the input xml, how are we supposed to know either? I'm guessing most people on this list don't use Filemaker Pro, and hence can't test the stylesheets with their system. For the rest of us, we don't know your input xml or what isn't working. Do you not get anything? Do you get an error? Does it randomly insert lines from a Finnish punk-rock opera?

My guess is that one of the paths is wrong, leading to an empty
node-set, which in turns "prints nothing".  It would be a lot easier
to figure out that if you had the xml.

Of course, it could be an issue internally with how FIlemaker Pro is
working.  Have you tried replicating the stylesheet behavior in
another processor?  You could have the process dump out the raw XML
and convert it with the stylesheets.

Note: In all of these cases, the variables are defined only in Filemaker Pro.

That makes no sense. Do you mean the parameters are passed in by Filemaker Pro?

I have studied both of these examples, but don't see why one works and one doesn't!!! Any suggestions???

Some suggestions: Try running it via the command-line outside of Filemaker Pro. Give us an example of the input and the expected output. Tell us what went wrong. More punctuation has rarely lead to an answer getting solved quicker.

Jon Gorman

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