[xsl] [XSL-FO] "remaining space dependant" start on new page

Subject: [xsl] [XSL-FO] "remaining space dependant" start on new page
From: Kolací Tomáš <kolaci@xxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 25 May 2006 16:55:44 +0200

 I'm rendering sequence of chapters, each as one row of one big multi-page
table. There can be rendered more chapters on one page (if they fit) and
chapters can start in the middle of one page and continue on the next page,
but I'd like to achieve somehow that this will happen only in case, when there
remains more than for example 7em on actual page for the new chapter - if
there remains less than 7em, this space should remain empty and new chapter
should start on the new page. Is there any way in FO?

 Thanks, Tomas

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