[xsl] Looking for opinions, feedback. (XSL and remote scripting)

Subject: [xsl] Looking for opinions, feedback. (XSL and remote scripting)
From: Steve <subsume@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 25 May 2006 12:04:48 -0400
I work for a non-profit and we do lots of adding and editing of
business and personal information. XSL has done wonders in separating
the presentation from the scripting logic, but I wonder if I'm doing
things as easily as I could be.

For one, I currently use the same xsl forms for both adding new and
editing existing records. I have a series of if-tests in the xsl to
autocomplete the form if its the xml contains pre-existing info, add
appropriate submit button, etc. Is this the best way to do it?

Also, I have not yet incorporated templates. I'm not quite sure where
to use them. But I'm hoping they could help me with the layer-hell I'm
having (although I'm wondering if remote-scripting makes several
layers neccessary).

For example: the first (ASP) page compares an XML and an XSL which
gives us the html header, css info, a radio choice to select 'New' or
'Existing' records, and divs which these things will appear in (remote
JS / "AJAX" [beh] ). A handy search tool is also included in this page
to search for records remotely (very cool).

On picking 'new' or 'existing' another .xsl containing a form is
remoted into the div (layer two). The form is submitted remotely, the
results of which (another XSL) appear in the place of the other
remoted XSL.

Any thoughts? I'm not quite sure what I'm looking for, I just know I
feel the simplicity I initially celebrated over XSL slipping away...


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