[xsl] DocBook XSL and Internationalization

Subject: [xsl] DocBook XSL and Internationalization
From: "Bill Burns" <bburns@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2007 10:23:12 -0600

I've posted a similar question on DITA-users. I apologize for the
cross-over, but I am looking for schema-specific information.

I'm doing a presentation on various schemas at WritersUA next week, and one
topic I want to address is the internationalization support built into
various open-source tools. I know DocBook XSL has some built-in features
that would aid in localization(autogenerated text assets,
localization-specific attributes). However, to make sure I present the tool
set's strengths and weaknesses correctly, I thought I should ask about
DocBook XSL's current support for localized output. In particular, I'm
interested in knowing how much of the support is mostly implemented, and how
much is available but not fully expressed in the style sheets that ship with
style sheets and rendition tools. Here are some areas of concern:

- Default fonts
- Generated text
- Xref, header, and footer word/character order
- Text directionality
- Chapter, section, item numbering
- Indexing
- Word breaking
- Translation file prep

Are there any other areas of concern that DocBook XSL addresses in part or
in whole? Are there any areas of concern for localizers who work with
DocBook data? 


Bill Burns
Verbum Communications, Inc.
Microsoft Help MVP

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