Re: [xsl] DocBook XSL and Internationalization

Subject: Re: [xsl] DocBook XSL and Internationalization
From: Jirka Kosek <jirka@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2007 17:43:46 +0100
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Bill Burns wrote:

> I've posted a similar question on DITA-users. I apologize for the
> cross-over, but I am looking for schema-specific information.

For DocBook related questions you should use docbook-apps and
docbook@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx This list is dedicated to general XSLT and
XSL-FO question. Anyway I will answer, but I would suggest you to send
your question to docbook-apps@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

> In particular, I'm
> interested in knowing how much of the support is mostly implemented, and how
> much is available but not fully expressed in the style sheets that ship with
> style sheets and rendition tools. Here are some areas of concern:
> - Default fonts

Uhm, don't understand your question

> - Generated text

All fixed text emitted by the DocBook stylesheets is localized,
currently into 59 languages.

> - Xref, 

These are localized too

> header, and footer word/character order

Uhm, don't understand your question

> - Text directionality

You can control directionality by dir attribute. Corresponding output is
then produced in HTML and FO.

> - Chapter, section, item numbering

Also localized to 59 languages using simple templates. You can override
templates yourself. There are some limitations in respect to Chinese needs.

> - Indexing

Stylesheets provide three different methods, which are able to index
everything from Western European languages to CJKV langauges.

> - Word breaking

This is handled by formatter.

> - Translation file prep

You can ITS with DocBook

> Are there any other areas of concern that DocBook XSL addresses in part or
> in whole? Are there any areas of concern for localizers who work with
> DocBook data? 

For more informations see

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