Re: [xsl] [newbie] no output for othello play , no nt.xml in the distro

Subject: Re: [xsl] [newbie] no output for othello play , no nt.xml in the distro
From: Une Bévue <>
Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2007 15:55:31 +0100
Le 23 mars 07 ` 15:22, Michael Kay a icrit :

Add the -t option and it will tell you where it's put the output files.

yes, fine thanks i was stupid for that arg )))

the files where laying in :


thought it's strange because normally with java a dir named
"playhtml" is only a relative path

it has been somehow translated internally to /playhtml  (i'm running
under MaacOS X the latest)

may be it would be better using an arg like that :


or, even the absolute path :


anyway i could arrange myself with such little things !

also i wanted to try-out the next axample "The Bible" but was
unable to find the input nt.xml.

The documentation at

yes i was following a locl version of this page, normally the file nt.xml would have to be in :


in that folder data/ i do have only :

~/work/XSLT2/saxon-resources8-9/samples/data%> ls
books.dtd       books.xml       books.xsd       othello.xml     play.dtd

may be i could find it browsing the svn rep !

NOPe; it isn't under

a question out of list subject I'm able to connect easely to the svn rep from command line using :

svn co saxon

but i have also a GUI client for svn which asks for an URI starting
with svn:// , i don't know how to translate the https:// one to the
svn:// one.

i've tried something like :


but the client said the server asks for a login/pass...

may be that's because the client is able to upload, then, that's

or as with ftp could i use anonymous + my email as the password ?

thanks a lot for you reply !


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