Re: [xsl] Hide and show rows

Subject: Re: [xsl] Hide and show rows
From: "Manfred Staudinger" <manfred.staudinger@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2007 22:38:22 +0200
Hi Jonathan,

> I would like to make a xsl that would list all Log tag and  within
> that element, all actions
> But then, I would like just to show the actions when the user click at
> the log row
> And when it is showed up, it hides when it clicks on it again

If you want to do something in response to an user action, you have to
pass the information into the stylesheet by a parameter as XSLT does
not know about any user action.

> I got to list all logs and actions, but the problem now is how to hide
> and show the actions
> I can do that easily with javascript, but not with xsl
If this is the only thing you want to change, then javascript is your
choice! Let do XSLT the initial work to format the page and after this
use javascript for the dynamic effects. If the javascript gets
overloaded with reformatting, then you might combine them and
dynamically invoke XSLT from javascript.


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