[xsl] [XSL] XSL Browser Integration

Subject: [xsl] [XSL] XSL Browser Integration
From: Alain <alainb06@xxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2007 11:15:11 +0200
Robert Koberg wrote :

Does W3C, and you, experts readers of this list, view XSL *MOSTLY*
as a server-side technology?

You seem to be mostly trolling, but no, [snip]

Sorry if it looks like it, but as your second guess said, I'm not.
I'm just trying to understand point of views of other people so that
I can make up my mind with questions I have. May be there's a "killer reason" why my arguments are wrong, such as when I asked if
it would be possible to read "previous iteration results" and one of
you pointed that loops in XSL are to be imagined as running in
parallel, so "previous iteration" has little meaning!

I have in mind several use-case where XSL gives you a *BIG *bonus
when used client-side compared to other existent technos, but these
use-case would be irrelevant if they were an obvious reason why XSL
should be mostly server-side... And I don't want to bother you
with irrelevant things!

So let's summarize opinions & main reasons:

Scott Trenda says Mostly server-side (unreliable on client-side)
Robert Koberg says Both sides (+ must use other techno, so better
browser integration is low priority)
David Peterson says Both (+ needs better browser integration)
Alain Benedetti says Both (+ browser integration is high priority)

Correct me if I misinterpreted your thoughts, and don't hesitate to give your opinion on the question!

And sorry if a question with "no code" looks quite unusual here! /[Oops, is that trolling?] /Personally, when I manage to understand the "philosophy" that's behind the scene I make bigger steps than looking at some code (which is still useful to get good ideas), such as the example with : "Think loops run in parallel" was a giant step with "no code"!


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