Re: [xsl] normalize-space processing all nodes hack?

Subject: Re: [xsl] normalize-space processing all nodes hack?
From: David Carlisle <davidc@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 2 Nov 2007 11:15:35 GMT
>  OK, I'm not very strong in the knowledge of standards and things
>  around, but what I have meant is value of attribute version of
>  xsl:stylesheet set to "1.1" (<xsl:stylesheet version="1.1" ..>), up
>  to now I thought it means XSLT 1.1, but I can be easily wrong here. 

That's what it does mean but XSLT 1.1 was never standardised, the draft
was withdrawn to work on XSLT2, Saxon 6.x implemets the draft, but
really it's better to either use XSLT 1.0 (plus exslt extensions where
necessary) or xslt 2 rather than rely on an implementation of a draft
that will never be finalised.


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