Re: [xsl] creating elements and hierarchy

Subject: Re: [xsl] creating elements and hierarchy
From: Andreas Peter <info@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 08 Nov 2007 12:26:42 +0100
Quoting Andrew Welch <andrew.j.welch@xxxxxxxxx>:

On 08/11/2007, Andreas Peter <info@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hello XSL-List,

I have the following problem:

I have a XML-file which is not very well structured. My aim is to
include different parent elements just for getting a better structure.

This is the source (in extracts):

         <h1> ... </h1>
         <p> ... </p>

I try to include an element <headings> as parent element for every
<h1> element and use the following transformation:

<xsl:template match="h1">
             <xsl:element name="ep:headings">
                 <xsl:element name="ep:h1">
                     <fo:block xsl:use-attribute-sets="h1">
                         <xsl:value-of select="."/>

Unfortunately nothing happens to my fo-output.

I would be very thankful for every hint solving my problem.

You are either not calling apply-templates on the h1 element, or the
default namespace is not null.

Either way you'll need to show a bit more code..

cheers -- Andrew Welch Kernow:

Hello Andrew,

thanks for the reply. I used xsl:apply-templates, too, but the result
was the same.

More code:
        <fn>[<info_h>auf RC<ckseite der letzten
Inhaltsverzeichnisseite:</info_h> 1885 Duala etwas 20.000 Einwohner
        <fn>Cameraes [?] weiCe Krabben </fn>
        <fn>Duala lC<gnerisch, faul, zC$nkisch, prozeCtC<chtig [?] ] </fn>
        <p> </p>
        <p> </p>
        <h1>Geistiger Volksbesitz der Kameruner im Blickfeld des
        <p> </p>...

For every h1, h2, ... element a parent element <headings> should be
included, for every <p> element an parent element <continuoustext>
should be includes and so on. Just for testing with the aim to get a
docbook structure later.

I also tried to use literal results like

<xsl:template match="h1">
                     <fo:block xsl:use-attribute-sets="h1">

I added the namespace xmlns:ep="

I hope this helps. Thanks so much,

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