Re: [xsl] creating elements and hierarchy

Subject: Re: [xsl] creating elements and hierarchy
From: Andreas Peter <info@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 08 Nov 2007 20:18:22 +0100
Quoting Florent Georges <lists@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:

Andrew Welch wrote:

3.  Produce a small complete example of your problem and
post the XML and XSLT to the list - the samples should be
as small as possible with all unrelated code stripped out,
and be runnable by cutting and pasting.

Ideally you would've done #3 first, but it takes mailing
list experience to do that well.

I would definitely begin there. Without a concise and precise description of the problem and the expected result, there is very low probability someone will be able to understand the problem and solve it.

  If the OP does understand the problem, this is easy to
write it down in the email.  But identifying the problem is
not always as easy, especially when one doesn't know the
answer.  In this case, the better way to get an answer, the
*quickest* way to get an answer, is to cut down the sample we
have, again and again, as long as the problem is showing up,
untill we get a concise sample that reproduces the problem
and shows it clearly and unambiguously.

  I wonder if mixing XSL-FO elements and custom elements in
the output is really what the OP is looking for.



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Hello Florent,

mixing FO-elements and custom elements is not what I want. My output
should be something which I can process with docbook.
Unfortunately the scenario is the following:

I have different MSWord files, more or less unstructured and I need a
pdf-file generated by xsl(fo). My approach is, place the doc-files at
InDesign, export the texts as XML und then use a transformation for
the docbook. ThatB4s the theory.

Andrew gave me the hint to use the debugger. That helps me a lot. But
if new problems occures I will ask the list again :-) and post more

Thanks a lot,

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