[xsl] Grouping repeating elements within repeating elements

Subject: [xsl] Grouping repeating elements within repeating elements
From: Cynthia Arangua <carangua@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2007 13:08:37 -0700

I have been doing XSLT for about four years now and this input XML has me a
little stumped as to how to implement.  I believe I am using Xalan 2.6
(bundled as part of an EMC Documentum product called WebPublisher) and the
only version it supports currently is XSLT 1.0.

Here is the XML input:

< content>
< type content_type =" Listing "/>
< faq_listing>
< heading> Benefits
< heading> Health
< heading> Medical Coverage
< category>
< content_category_faq> Medical Coverage - PPO

< category>
< content_category_faq> Medical Coverage - HMO

< faq_listing>
< heading> Benefits
< heading> Health
< category>
< content_category_faq> Dental

< faq_listing>
< heading> Benefits
< heading> Financial
< category>
< content_category_faq> Flexible Spending

< faq_listing>
< heading> Life Events
< category>
< content_category_faq> Getting Married

< category>
< content_category_faq> Adoption

Basically, I need to group any category/content_category_faq under the
appropriate heading designation so like the following:

        Medical Coverage
              Medical Coverage-PPO
              Medical Coverage-HMO
          Flexible Spending
Life Events
     Getting Married

I am in the introductory stages on development on this so I don't have any
existing XSL to demonstrate but I am hoping to make some headway today so I
can repost but any initial help would be very cool.  I am working on some
recurse logic as we speak.

Cindy A.

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