Re: [xsl] Re: Identity transformation for XSLT 2.0

Subject: Re: [xsl] Re: Identity transformation for XSLT 2.0
From: Colin Paul Adams <colin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 23 Dec 2007 13:58:14 +0000
>>>>> "bryan" == bryan rasmussen <rasmussen.bryan@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

    >> If Saxon still doesn't support this 9-year-old standard, then

    bryan> I think that was phrased in something of an unnecessary
    bryan> manner. 

Perhaps. I feel rather strongly about standards conformance.

    bryan> I suppose that one
    bryan> could write a parser for data uris but with xsl:function

A parser? Do you mean a URI resolver?

    bryan> like you say, maybe using fxsl would be a clever thing to
    bryan> do, given the recent things for parsing that have been done
    bryan> with that library.

Well there's a challenge for someone.
I pass.
Colin Adams
Preston Lancashire

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