Re: [xsl] Document function and DTD

Subject: Re: [xsl] Document function and DTD
From: Colin Paul Adams <colin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2007 08:57:29 +0000
>>>>> "jingjun" == jingjun long <longjingjun@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

    jingjun> hi there, I am using document function to read multiple
    jingjun> XML document as the source. I have a question and wonder
    jingjun> if you have experience this before.

    jingjun> In the XSLT, I say:

    jingjun> <xsl:variable name="src_doc"
    jingjun> select="document('src.xml')"/>

    jingjun> If there is no DocType definition in src.xml, it is ok.

    jingjun> In my case, there is a DocType definition in src.xml. The
    jingjun> DTD is not in the same folder where src.xml is. I use
    jingjun> catalog file to locate the DTD file. In this case, I get
    jingjun> "can not find DTD file" error when I run the xslt.

    jingjun> My question is, is there any way to set catalog resolver
    jingjun> for document function?

No. It ought to use the same catalogs as for the principal source

Which XSLT processor are you using? Have you tried turning on catalog
debugging (if it has such a  feature) to make sure that the catalog is
being searched properly?
Colin Adams
Preston Lancashire

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