Re: [xsl] Help to construct a loop

Subject: Re: [xsl] Help to construct a loop
From: Abel Braaksma <>
Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2007 13:41:40 +0100
Hi Henry,

Yes, it does make things clearer. I'm afraid I can't help you with BPEL as it has little to do with XSLT; it's a misunderstanding to think that <while>, <condition> and/or <assign> are XSLT instructions, because they are not. The confusion may come from the fact that BPEL relies quite heavily on XPath 1.0.

However, BPEL (I assume you mean WS-BPEL, mentioned here: has a method called doXslTransform which could, in a way, be used to do what you want. But I'm not certain if something like that is necessary (you don't wanna smash a mosquito with a sledgehammer do you?).

It's a pity there's no general public BPEL list (there are a couple for the specs and some implementations). So I'm afraid you'll have to get your info from the primer or the specs itself.

Sorry that I can't be of any more help,

-- Abel Braaksma

henry human wrote:
Actually this is a bpel (business process execution
language) process which I am working on.
Bpel itself is xml based and allows using xsl
functions. For e. in the bpel specification 2.0 there
is possible to build loops with for-each, while etc.

In my case my bpel process becomes this string from a
web service and I will to handle this string within
the bpel process f.i. in a while loop.
As I mentioned in the sample the string which the bpel
process becomes from the web service has a colon which
I think enables to inspect the string based on the
token and build the substrings.

Unfortunately there is no a specific list or forum for
the bpel language specified issues.

<while name="lookForSubstrings">
<!this is what I dont know, how to build the
condition in xsl for a loop -->
<condition> substring-before($myString,
':') </condition>
<sequence name="sequence2">
<if name="extractSubstrings">
<assign name="SendOutputToClient"
</assign> <else>
<assign name="displayElse"> ...........

I hope it makes the problem clearer! henry

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