RE: [xsl] Is there a tool for auto-generating XSLT scripts for converting XML docs -> HTML ?

Subject: RE: [xsl] Is there a tool for auto-generating XSLT scripts for converting XML docs -> HTML ?
From: "Hofman, Peter" <peter.hofman@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 31 Dec 2007 07:50:37 +0100
Anyone tried XSLTGen?


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>Subject: Re: [xsl] Is there a tool for auto-generating XSLT
>scripts for converting XML docs -> HTML ?
>Ben Stover wrote:
>> Assume I have a "normal" XML docs. I want to display the content of
>> this XML doc on a HTML page well formatted in tables,
>columns, rows and with headers.
>I'd be very interested in seeing a "normal" XML document. XML
>being a meta language, there does not exist such a thing as a
>normal XML document, let alone a document that would natively
>translate into neat tables, columns and the like (note that
>XML is by nature hierarchical, which rules out the common
>table layout for most XML documents).
>> I could start now to write an appropriate XSLT script from scratch.
>That's what most people do, because the XSLT is designed for that.
>> But I could imagine that there is a tool which does such a
>job (=XSLT
>> script/stylesheet writing) for me. I want to use this
>generated XSLT stylesheet later as skeleton/base for possible
>There are tools that map XML data to layout (which may be
>HTML). Such tools are Altova XML Spy (or Map or what's it
>called), StyleVision, I believe, complex tools like
>StreamServe and Doc1, I also believe BizTalk has a way of
>displaying its XML logic graphically (but not sure it will be
>HTML). And so on and so on. The best tools are probably
>currently MS Word and Open Office, both have recent versions
>that fully read/write XML (but, as with any of these, that's
>there "own" format of XML). Both Word and Open Office can
>create HTML from their sources.
>> As I first step I only want to avoid writing the dumb "main"
>stuff again and again.
>That's why people create libraries and link them together.
>Luckily, with XSLT, you do not need so much of these "dumb
>main stuff", as most is already there before you even start.
>For ready made templates and the like for repetitive jobs,
>consider FXSL or that other framework (sorry, forgot the
>name), and the templates available in books like XSLT Cookbook.
>> Is there such a tool ?
>See above.
>Cheers & happy New Year,
>-- Abel Braaksma

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