Re: [xsl] custom page sequence in xslfo

Subject: Re: [xsl] custom page sequence in xslfo
From: "Mandar Jagtap" <mandar.jagtap@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2008 22:00:24 +0530
Unfortunately we can't create nested page-masters. So we can't define
separate page-master for image and simulataneously anothe parent

In your case the best alternative I can see is...Use
fo:block-container for the image and define your special attributes
for this block-container.

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On 7/31/08, Sarkup Sarkup <sarkups@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi:
> I have an XSLFO question. I have a sample xml file:
> <root>
> <element1>
> <image>
> <graphic></graphic>
> </image>
> </element1>
> </root>
> I have a common file called images.xsl which is used to style all the images.
> My pagelayouts are defined in a base style sheet called base.xsl
> Now, I want to create a seperate page layout with different page width and height jsut for the <image> element and call this in the images.xsl style sheet.
> I created a seperate <fo:simple-page-master> with the desired page layouts, and a page sequence master in base.xsl.
> What I want to really do is create a template with these page layout specifications and call this in images.xsl. Can this be done in xslfo?
> Any suggestion/help is appreciated.
> Thank you

Thanks & Regards,

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