RE: [xsl] Is normalization is optional?

Subject: RE: [xsl] Is normalization is optional?
From: "Michael Kay" <mike@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2008 13:41:09 -0000
The default collation used for the eq operator is implementation-defined in
XQuery, but in XSLT it is prescribed to be Unicode codepoint collation. At
any rate, I thought it was - rereading, I'm not sure I can find that
explicitly stated. But if I'm right, then an XSLT processor is not licensed
to perform Unicode normalization before comparing two strings unless a
different default collation has been chosen. In Saxon you can select a
normalizing collation using

<xsl:stylesheet ...

If you do this, the comparison you cite returns true.

Michael Kay 

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> Subject: [xsl] Is normalization is optional?
> Hello,
> I note that Marklogic perform XML normalization (see
> so i expect that 
> it is common practice.
> Just note that XQuery '&#x3008;&#x3009;' eq 
> '&#x2329;&#x232A;' is false for Saxon but true for Marklogic.
> With best wishes,
> Slav

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