Re: [xsl] Working example xml+xsl to .fo file

Subject: Re: [xsl] Working example xml+xsl to .fo file
From: eleonora46@xxxxxxx
Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2008 19:01:52 +0100
> ge schrieb:
> > I get only html files as output, For example
> > java -jar saxon9.jar -t -e:maxml.xml -xsl:myxsl.xsl,
> > creates a html file in
> What is output here depends on the input and the stylesheet,
> i.e. on the XML and XSL file.

Yes. I need a working  example  that creates from 
xml+csl a .fo file, and not a html file. I do not have a 
sample xml+xsl pair, that creates .fo file, and also 
I do not know, how to call saxon or xalan to create 
the .fo file from xml/xsl pair.

> You probably could have achieved this yourself. First hit when googling
> for "xsl-fo hello world":
> XSL-FO Tutorial - Hello World

No, that is just a working .fo file.
I have such sample files in fop package.
I need the way from xml+xsl to .fo file.
With other words I need an example 
for an  XSLT processor to produce an XSL-FO document.
as described in
Unfortunately that page just says: create the xsl-fo
document, but does not say, how.

Thanks in advance, eleonora

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