RE: [xsl] Issue with large XML doc and crashes

Subject: RE: [xsl] Issue with large XML doc and crashes
From: "Michael Kay" <mike@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2008 16:28:18 -0000
It sounds as if you are running the transformation from within Ant. As a
first step, I would try seeing if you can get it to run from the command
line. That will tell you whether the problem is specific to the Ant
environment - it eliminates one of the possible causes.

Saxon does have the ability to process the source document in streaming mode
which will reduce memory requirements (see

), but frankly, 20Mb shouldn't be a problem.

If it's still failing you need to tell us more precisely what you are doing
and more precisely how it failed.

"my computer crashes" sounds pretty drastic - running out of memory does not
normally cause your computer to crash.

Michael Kay 

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> From: Marijan (Mario) Madunic [mailto:hajduk@xxxxxxxx] 
> Sent: 20 November 2008 16:11
> To: xsl-list@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: [xsl] Issue with large XML doc and crashes
> (Using Saxon9 on WindowsXP, dual core 6400, 3.25gigs ram)
> The doc I'm working with is 20megs+ and it is being parsed 
> using a for-each statement, while being inserted into a main 
> doc. (What is happening is more than likely a memory issue, 
> as my computer crashes during the transform; I've figured it 
> out to be more than half done when this happens.) I have my 
> ANT_OPTS set the following: set ANT_OPTS="-Xmx1272m"
> But my question concerning XSLT is. Is there a function that 
> discards the current node from memory once it has been 
> parsed. Or am I way off base here. Want to look up this 
> avenue before doing a reinstall of Java and ANT and delve 
> deeper into if the issue is something in my OS.
> Thanks
> Marijan (Mario) Madunic

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