Re: [xsl] strange error in external dtd

Subject: Re: [xsl] strange error in external dtd
From: Fred Christian <fredc@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 18 Dec 2008 10:18:00 -0800
Thanks for the help. I was using old sample code and had an old dtd.
The new one works on both machines. It sounds like the reason it was different on the two computers is the different versions of Java. I am going to guess that it is Java that is supplying the XML parser. Thanks everyone.

David Carlisle wrote:
Any guesses on what might be causing the error on my Win 2000 server computer and not the other?

yes, the HTML WG used some features of SGML DTD that strain edge cases of namespace/processing-instruction usage.

In later versions of the xhtml+mathml dtd I removed all these bits of
the xhtml dtd (which are never used anyway). The URL you cited is a very
old version of the dtd and unfortunately as it is in
it can not be changed, as W3C don't allow in-place edits in, only changes by separate errata document.

The MathML2 DTD has for a long time been at


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