RE: [xsl] xml-stylesheet in browser results / mime type association

Subject: RE: [xsl] xml-stylesheet in browser results / mime type association
From: "Rushforth, Peter" <Peter.Rushforth@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 16 May 2009 20:29:16 -0400
> > I tried that too but it didn't have any effect.  I think
> browsers may
> > be hardwired to believe the result is html in such a situation, and
> > they try to interpret it as such.
> >
> did you try
>   <xsl:output  method="xml" media-type="" />
> I would be mildly surprised if all browsers ignored that form.

Yes, I also tried media-type="application/", but
it looks
like the browser ignores the media type of the result of the
transformation,and attempts to
display the result as html, although when I take a file of the output
name it .html, and request it over http, the browser does a slightly
job of interpreting the html, actually recognising html elements,
whereas the
html elements in the stylesheet output are dynamically ignored (that
could just
be a new technical term!) and their content presented as unformatted

In short, maybe it's not possible to get the browser to respond
appropriately to
the results of a transformation it enables, or maybe it's inappropriate
to ask
a browser to behave in that way (ie possibly a security concern).



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