Re: [xsl] How to select for ' in XPATH?

Subject: Re: [xsl] How to select for ' in XPATH?
From: Hermann Stamm-Wilbrandt <STAMMW@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 5 Aug 2009 22:30:06 +0200
> Should be using the apostrophe attribute delimiter and double
> quote string delimiter:
>    '//*[contains(., "What&#x27; that?")]'

Here the 's' is missing, should be
     '//*[contains(., "What&#x27;s that")]'

I removed the question mark in order to apply that xpath to the
following old post in xsl-list archive (containing "What's that ..."):

Below you find a "xpath" bookmarklet which allows you and others to
easily play around with xpath searches on any webpage with Firefox.
1) go to some webpage
2) click on the "xpath" bookmark    (install instructions below)
3) enter any xpath into the dialog
4) click "OK"
5) all DOM nodes matched by the xpath get marked by blue rectangles
6) displays "Found n matches for xpath(xyz)" in browser status bar

And these are the results on above mentioned link:
  Found 4 matches for xpath(//table)
  Found 1 match for xpath(//h2)
  Found 1 match for xpath(/*/*/*[contains(.,"What")])
  Found 0 matches for xpath(/*/*/*[contains(.,"What&x27;")])

Happy xpath matching!
And hopefully someone finds the correct apostroph match that way ...

The bookmarklet works for Firefox web browsers.
1) create a bookmark named "xpath"
2) open the properties of that bookmark
3) copy and paste the complete bookmarklet below into "Location"
4) click OK.

In case the email gateway adds "interesting" characters to this post,
the complete bookmarklet can be downloaded under this link, too:


  var count=0, text, e;
  xpath=prompt("xpath()", "");
  if(xpath==null || xpath.length==0)

  var nodesSnapshot = document.evaluate(xpath, document.body, null,
                        XPathResult.ORDERED_NODE_SNAPSHOT_TYPE, null );

  for ( var i=0 ; i < nodesSnapshot.snapshotLength; i++ )
    e = nodesSnapshot.snapshotItem(i);"solid";"2px";"blue";;


  window.status="Found "+count+" match"+(count==1?"":"es")
               +" for xpath("+xpath+")";

Mit besten Gruessen / Best wishes,

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                                       Re: [xsl] How to select for &apos;  
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I rushed my answer and made a mistake.

At 2009-08-05 12:16 -0700, I wrote:
>In XSLT 1:
>   "//*[contains(., 'What&#x27; that?)]"

Should be using the apostrophe attribute delimiter and double quote
string delimiter:

    '//*[contains(., "What&#x27; that?")]'

Sorry for misleading you.

. . . . . . . . . ken

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