[xsl] Value dependency between nested attributes

Subject: [xsl] Value dependency between nested attributes
From: "xyz xyz" <xyz197408@xxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 18 Oct 2009 02:19:12 +0200

Output format shall be same than input format (XML-->XML Transformation):

<A name="a" test1="vw" test2="cd" test3="ef" test4="gh"/>
<A name="b" test1="vw" test2="cd" test3="ef" test4="gh" test7="ee"/>
<A name="c" test1="vw" test2="cd" test3="ef" test4="gh"/>
<A name="d" test1="xy" test2="ij" test3="kl" test4="mn" test5="op"/>

I want to give some params to the processor to change some (not all) "test" values. The values for the change depend on the value of the "name" attribute. 

For example: if value of name = "a" then test2 value="$XX" and test3 value="$YY"
and if name="b" then test2 value="$VV" and test3 value="$WW"

There are 4 different values for 'name' --> 4 A lines

It is my first try to build a xsl file -- so sorry if this question is stupid.
I tried to customize the "Identity change template" (http://www.dpawson.co.uk/xsl/sect2/identity.html#d5687e43 ) for my needs, but i am not experienced enough to get this running for my situation.

If someone could show me some templates to solve this problem...

Thank you very much
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