Re: [xsl] Obstacles (?) to XSLT 2.0 in C++

Subject: Re: [xsl] Obstacles (?) to XSLT 2.0 in C++
From: Andrew Welch <andrew.j.welch@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 11 Dec 2009 10:31:30 +0000
> Perhaps the world has also moved on from Apache HTTP server and PHP?  Is
> that what you are saying?

For what it's worth I'm currently working for Mark Logic writing
applications where the XML Server is the back end, XQuery (plus
extensions) is the application code, generating html/xhtml etc.  This
works really well: you can quickly and easily create a web app that
would previously require knowledge of Java, Spring, Hibernate, app
servers and so on to create the equivalent.

XSLT will be added to mix in the next version of Mark Logic, but is
already supported in eXist, so the combination becomes XML Server back
end, XQuery and XSLT as the application code (where XQuery supplies
XML to the XSLT, although XSLT working directly against the database
is hopefully in the pipeline), generating XHMTL/XHTML/XForms.

The LAMP style equivalent acronym "XRX" kind of covers the above, if
we can massage it to be "XQuery/XSLT, Rest, XHTML/XForms" :)
(although I'm yet to be convinced about XForms)

XSLT is absolutely essential to the mix, as XQuery's limited
typeswitch struggles to emulate XSLT's recursive descent, or trying to
generate any output in a namespace (such as XHTML or XForms) when your
input is no namespace is a real pain... (the way xquery handles the
default namespace is flawed).

If you data is XML, then the benenfits of end-to-end XML from using an
XML Server are massive.

Andrew Welch

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