Re: [xsl] NCName, QName and colons

Subject: Re: [xsl] NCName, QName and colons
From: Justin Johansson <procode@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 23 Feb 2010 10:35:49 +1030
I also wish to convey my thanks and appreciation to all who commented on this thread.

If it were not for Abel coming back a few weeks later after the original discussion,
and subsequent comments by Michael and David, my understanding on the matter would
still be in limbo.

Justin Johansson

Abel Braaksma wrote:
"XML documents operated on by XPath must conform to the XML Namespaces
Recommendation [XML Names]."

Thanks for looking up the official lines about this (including the follow-ups). And thanks, David, for pointing out that any document can be used, as long as it is processed into an XDM representable tree.

Just to summarize my side-plot, if I may on Justin's thread: certain XML conforming documents cannot be processed the same way, considering they must also conform to XML Namespaces.

Kind regards,
Abel Braaksma

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