[xsl] dynamic table in report

Subject: [xsl] dynamic table in report
From: Mathis Mörke <mathis.moerke@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 3 Aug 2011 10:14:51 +0200
Hi all,

I want to display a table in a pdf-file. The problem is that the
number of rows is dynamic. Furthermore the rows form thematic
clusters. As an example:

cluster A
subcluster A.1
data 1
data 2
data 3
subcluster A.2
data i
data i+1
cluster B
subcluster B.1
data j
data j+1

The number of rows in each subcluster is dynamicand I want to have a
page breaks after a subcluster. That means, if a subcluster does not
fit on the currrent page, the whole subcaption-cluster should be on
the next page. It is not necessary that each cluster is on the same
page, only subcluster. I used for each row a fo:block element and set
the keep-with-previous attribute to handle it and it works. But if
there are to many rows in a subcluster, there will be a page overflow,
which makes sense. But how can I handle this? If the number of rows in
a subcluster is too big, there should be automatically a page break.
I am using Apache FOP 0.95.


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