Re: [xsl] transforming MRSS

Subject: Re: [xsl] transforming MRSS
From: Michael Kay <mike@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 08 Aug 2011 09:18:29 +0100
I fail to find a working example for transforming XML where tags have a colon in their name... it's always only fragments of a solution which, of course, do not work...

1) is there any *complete* example that shows how to do it?

Where have you looked? I'm sure any book on XSLT is full of examples.

2) why does XSL have to be more complicated than (e.g.) simplexml_load_file() from PHP? With all this crazy, over-complicated namespace junk... (i mean xmlns:yaddayadda) that is broken or wrong in many feeds anyways... why not just access a tag named <media:group> with "media:group"?

It seems complicated primarily, I think, because there's a difference between the data model for namespaces and the surface syntax that you see in lexical XML. There are good reasons for these differences, though I would be the first to argue that the whole design of namespaces could have been done much better.

Michael Kay

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