Re: [xsl] transforming MRSS

Subject: Re: [xsl] transforming MRSS
From: Andrew Welch <andrew.j.welch@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 8 Aug 2011 09:44:33 +0100
> I fail to find a working example for transforming XML where tags have a
> colon in their name... it's always only fragments of a solution which, of
> course, do not work...
> 1) is there any *complete* example that shows how to do it? preferably for
> MRSS...

All you need to do is define the namespace for the element for you are
trying to process at a higher point in the hierarchy that is the xml
that is your stylesheet.... so typically the root element as that's
highest point so it will be in-scope throughout the stylesheet file,
just like the 'xsl' namespace.

> 2) why does XSL have to be more complicated than (e.g.)
> simplexml_load_file() from PHP? With all this crazy, over-complicated
> namespace junk... (i mean xmlns:yaddayadda) that is broken or wrong in many
> feeds anyways... why not just access a tag named <media:group> with
> "media:group"?

It's not that complicated and it's not junk, you just haven't figured
it out yet.  You are probably still thinking of xml as a string
instead of a tree of nodes, and once you make that jump everything
else falls into place.

If you want to process <media:group> you need to know the namespace
being used for 'media' in the xml and then define that your in
stylesheet, and that's it, done.

Andrew Welch

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