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>> Otherwise, you may want '(' and ')' around $NameStartChar.re in
>> $Name.re,
>> otherwise (to mix variable expansions) it looks like
>> '...|[‿-⁀]($NameChar.re)*" and you'll only match
>> multi-character names when they begin with a character in the range
>> [‿-⁀].
> As I read it (or more accurately fail to read it correctly)
> It's NameChar less :
> followed by (Name less :)+
> Simpler version [A-Za-z0-9]+ and the i18N additions,
> but I can't get the simpler one working.
> It's only matching on the first letter of a variable currently....

Because without extra parentheses around $NameStartChar.re, the
'($NameChar.re)*' part looks like it's part of the last alternative in
$NameStartChar.re, not something to come after $NameStartChar.re.


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