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Within each HTML rendering of the XSLT code, all referenced global
functions, variables, parameters and named templates within XPath
expressions are hyperlinked to the corresponding definitions. A table
of contents is also produced that links to all files and their
respective global members.

As the base for testing these features, I used the Docbook XSLT 2.0
project (using xslt/base/html/docbook.xsl as the entry-point)

The sample output from XMLSpectrum can be reached from the generated
table of contents here:


This above sample was generated from a single command-line instruction
on the Saxon 9.3 HE XSLT 2.0 processor, 'highlight-file.xsl' was used
as the principal stylehseet with 'link-names=yes', 'auto-trim=yes' and
'indent=2' options (multi-line variables are managed by the indent
feature). These options were reluctantly used due to difficulties with
the mixed tabs/spaces found in some of the original formatting -
though to be fair, the original formatting was very good,
significantly better than found in many projects.

The Docbook XSLT 2.0 project is on Github here:


The updated XMLSpectrum version is on Github here:



Phil Fearon

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