Re: [xsl] null stylesheet?

Subject: Re: [xsl] null stylesheet?
From: Syd Bauman <s.bauman@xxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 29 Apr 2014 19:10:06 -0400
Wow. Right you are. My immediate reaction to your post was "couldn't
be, I ran the stylesheet on itself" as I usually do in such
situations. But I went back and carefully checked my shell session,
and indeed, there is a typo on the commandline -- a single 'm'
instead of 's' in a key position[1]; which is left as an exercise for
the reader. :-)

Thanks, Michael!

[1] Interestingly enough, you can tell (or at least I can) that I
    generated these test files in oXygen instead of Emacs -- when I
    use Emacs I save the file with a ".xslt" extension. I often do so
    when I use oXygen, too, even though I have to click past its
    objection. But on a fast-and-dirty test stylesheet like this, I
    just use the default name oXygen provides, which ends ".xsl".

> Yes, that's a legal stylesheet.

> I suspect you got the command line arguments wrong. This message
> from Saxon means that the file supplied as the stylesheet document
> did not have xsl:stylesheet or xsl:transform as its root. In fact
> more specifically I think it means the local name of the root
> element was not "stylesheet" or "transform" - you get a different
> message if only the namespace is wrong.

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