Re: [xsl] Creating new, distinct groups of ranges from an aggregation of individual ranges

Subject: Re: [xsl] Creating new, distinct groups of ranges from an aggregation of individual ranges
From: "Michael Friedman sumarimike@xxxxxxxxxxx" <xsl-list-service@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2014 16:08:11 -0000
Gerrit and Heiko,
> Im posting the complete revised code below. There are no templates in
> #default mode any more which should help in integrating the code. Ive
> added a debug parameter. Apply aircrafts.xsl with debug=yes to get the
> intermediate steps results in /ranges/debug in the output.
> Gerrit

I wanted to circle back and comment that the last solution from Gerrit seems
to be right on the mark. I've only made small changes in it to reflect some
different XPATH related to the actual complex data structure. I have to take
it further by removing very specific "inactive" planes during XSLFO output,
and then organize the resulting ranges into common groupings. That is, if a
set of "solutions" matches range 200-205, 210-212, and 450-465, then instead
of repeating a set of FO output for each individual range, then I create one
common range set of 200-205, 210-212, 450-465. This is based on the solution
ID, which I did not supply. However, I am comfortable and used to doing that.
I admit that your code, Gerrit, is advanced for me and I will be spending some
time deconstructing it to understand fully. Being self-taught, I'm always
aware and pleased to know there are people with much more knowledge than me
that I can learn from. I may not be the smallest fish in the XSL pond, but
there is always a bigger fish! I've added comments in my stylesheet with your
names and the XSLT list in it, as I am grateful for the assistance. Revel in
the glory this brings.
Thanks everyone for the help!
Kind regards,Michael Friedman

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