Re: [xsl] Kernow and SaxonPE

Subject: Re: [xsl] Kernow and SaxonPE
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Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2018 13:41:13 -0000
Hi Andrew,

Thank you very much for your reply. I followed your steps but couldn't get it
to work with Saxon 9.8 PE but I was able to get it to work for Saxon 9.5 PE.
Thank you very much.


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To use Saxon PE or EE with Kernow, in the kernow/lib directory replace the
saxon9he.jar with the EE or PE jar, and place your license alongside the
Kernow.bat file (in the parent of the lib directory).

Then start Kernow using that Kernow.bat file (or the on linux).  You
can tweak those files as needed.

Bear in mind Kernow was written a while ago now, so you might find it only
works with the Saxon versions available at that time.



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Hello All,

I am hoping that this is not terribly off topic, but I have an XML to HTML5
workflow using XSLT 2. I am using Kernow 1.8 on Windows 7 to generate the
output. One of my output files is a .js file for navigation. Some of the
entries are long and breaking across lines as Saxon serializes the output. I
want to use the saxon:line-lengths attribute, but it only works with SaxonPE.
I want to buy a copy of SaxonPE, but I am not sure how to configure Kernow so
that it will use SaxonPE instead of whatever is built-in. Any guidance would
be appreciated. Thank you very much.

Rick Quatro

Carmen Publishing Inc.

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