[xsl] [Ann] Oxygen XML Editor version 22.1 released

Subject: [xsl] [Ann] Oxygen XML Editor version 22.1 released
From: "Octavian Nadolu octavian_nadolu@xxxxxxx" <xsl-list-service@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 26 May 2020 06:12:44 -0000
Hi everyone,

We are happy to announce that Oxygen XML Editor version 22.1 was released!

Version 22.1 comes bundled with Saxon and Saxon Transformer 
Add-on for Saxon 10.0, the editing support continued to be enhanced, 
while some of the most popular add-ons were improved and new ones made 

For the complete list of features, see:

/Here is a subset of the released features that might be of interest to 
the XSLT community:/

Updated the Saxon library that is distributed with Oxygen to version

*Saxon Transformer Add-on for Saxon 10.0*
The Saxon transformer add-on now supports Saxon version 10.0.

*Xerces 2.12.1*
Updated the Apache Xerces library to version 2.12.1.

*focheck 0.7.6*
The bundled focheck framework that is used for enhanced XSL-FO 
validation was updated to version 0.7.6.

*XSpec 1.6.0*
Updated the XSpec library to version 1.6.

*XSpec Add-on Updated to Support XSpec Version 1.6.0*
The XSpec add-on was updated to include XSpec version 1.6.0, which is 
the same version that is now bundled with Oxygen.

*Generate Java Classes from XSD*
Oxygen now includes a very handy tool for generating Java classes from 
an XML Schema (XSD) file. The Generate Java classes from XSD action is 
found in the Tools menu and it will generate the Java class files inside 
a new package located in a specified output folder. This functionality 
is provided as an add-on and it is installed automatically the first 
time you invoke the action.

*Oxygen Emmet Plugin Improvements*
The Emmet Plugin, supported by the XSL, XML, and HTML editors, is now 
installed automatically the first time you invoke the Emmet action. To 
help make expanding the abbreviations easier, you can now use the 
Ctrl+Space keyboard shortcut. Also, the Wrap with Abbreviation action 
now displays an in-place field where you can type the abbreviation.

*Action to Make HTML Documents XML Well-formed*
A new HTML to XML Well-formed action is available in the contextual menu 
when editing HTML documents. It makes the currently edited HTML document 
to be XML well-formed. This is helpful if, for example, you use XSLT 
stylesheets while applying transformations on HTML documents (since the 
transformation will require the HTML document to be XML well-formed).

*Validate HTML Documents Using Schematron*
It is now possible to validate HTML documents against a Schematron 
schema. Besides the default HTML validator, Oxygen now also includes a 
built-in HTML Schematron Validator engine. This can be done by 
specifying the Schematron in a validation scenario, using the Validate 
with action (in the Validation drop-down menu on the toolbar), or you 
can batch validate multiple HTML documents using the Validate with 
schema contextual menu action from the Project view.

*Movable Results View*
The Results view that displays messages generated from various 
operations like validations, transformations, or search can now be moved 
to your desired UI location alongside other side views and you can also 
set it to be hidden automatically when not focused.

*Validation Status Details*
When a validation operation is processed, information about the 
validation scenario is displayed in the stripe at the very bottom of the 
application. If you hover over the information, a tooltip is presented 
with even more information. You can also click the More details button 
to open the Information view where further details about the validation 
are displayed.

*Ignore Extra Whitespaces Option Added to the Find/Replace Dialog Box*
The Ignore extra whitespaces option was added in the Find/Replace dialog 
box. It is helpful when searching for space-separated words because 
enabling this option means that line-breaks and indentation between 
words will not affect the results.
Hide Editor Tabs

*Hide Editor Tabs*
If you want full focus on the current file, or during some 
presentations, you may find it useful that now it is possible to hide 
all the file tabs to only display the currently open file. This does not 
close the other tabs, just hides them. You can still navigate between 
tabs using keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl+Tab, Ctrl+Shift+Tab, Ctrl+F6, 

*Install on First Use for the Git Client*
The Git Client plugin now offers the Git Staging view that acts as a 
basic Git client integrated directly into Oxygen. It provides support 
for committing changes to a Git repository, comparing and merging 
changes, and other Git-specific commands. This view is now listed in the 
Window->Show View menu and the Tools menu even when the Git Client 
add-on is not installed, making it easier to perform the installation, 
as that is triggered automatically when one of these actions is invoked.

/We hope you will enjoy Oxygen 22.1!/
As always, any feedback on it is welcomed.

Best regards,

Octavian Nadolu
<oXygen/> XML Editor

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