[stella] Can we post code to be critiqued here?

Subject: [stella] Can we post code to be critiqued here?
From: jvmatthe@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Wed, 9 Oct 1996 01:58:23 -0400 (EDT)
Hi all!

Well, with the tools on my SC-CD, I have programmed my first simple
Atari 2600 program.  It still has one small bug in it and I hope to
track it down tomorrow, or at least by the weekend.  However, I wondered
if we could post the 6502 code here to be critiqued?  Maybe someone
could even do a bin2tape conversion and see if it actually runs on
a 2600.  I don't own a sound card, so I have had to rely on an
emulator to test it.  It doesn't seem to run on the Activision emulator,
but I suspect that is because it does a color cycling thing that may
be causing the problem.  It does, however, run fine on the a26 emulator.

Anyway, I hope to see others posting questions, answers, and code here
sometime soon.

matt (who had never thought he would actually make a running program
      for the 2600!)

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