[stella] Maybe you can help... (fwd)

Subject: [stella] Maybe you can help... (fwd)
From: Glenn Saunders <krishna@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 23 Feb 1997 12:56:30 +0500
*** Forwarded message, originally written by MR ROGER L NYSTROM on 23-Feb-97 ***

Hopefully, you guys can answer this question : I am trying to plan 
out an
Atari 2600 game, and while thumbing through a progamming guide, 
realized that
missiles 0 and 1's color registers were also player 0 and 1's, and 
the ball
had the same color as the background... now, I'm new to this, so 
excuse any
ignorance I display, but here is the hypothetical situation (keeping 
in mind
I don't want flicker):

PLAYER 0 - Controllable character, with BALL placed to drape behind 
to add hair, facial hair, etc, and a weapon in hand to PLAYER 0. (Yes,
I've figured out placement and width numbers needed to make these 
look decent.

BALL - Hair, facial features, ect., same color throughout. Ball stops 
PLAYER0's shoulder, restarts by chest to make weapon. 

PLAYER 1 - Enemy, multiplied if need be.

MISSILES - Enemy shots.  Possible alternate weapon if ball is too big 
somehow interferes (#0).

My question is this: Since I'm using the ball to be those features, 
and it
shares the register with the playfield, will any background also 
change to 
the hair (beard, etc) color? BTW: The background is always a back 
wall, and two side walls, depending on whether or not there is an 
available exit.  Is there any visible remedy you see?

Thanks in advance,
Roger Nystrom

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