RE: [stella] 2600 rpg

Subject: RE: [stella] 2600 rpg
From: Matt Pritchard <MPritchard@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 24 Mar 1997 15:07:39 -0600
Bruce Tomlin and I looked at the 2600 RPG project proposal and decided
they were dreaming.  ;-)

We suggested, however, that it would be a good project for the 7800.   

I'm curious if anyone here does any 7800 programming also?  We've got a
workaround for the encryption, and a 7800 cart can hold up to 144K of
ROM and 32K of RAM -- Enough to make something comparable to 8-bit games
of the era anyway.  would it be ok to include 7800 programming topics on
this newslist?

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