Re: [stella] Re: Need programmer: Atari 2600 RPG Project

Subject: Re: [stella] Re: Need programmer: Atari 2600 RPG Project
From: emooney@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Erik Mooney)
Date: Sat, 05 Apr 1997 01:34:56 GMT
Chris Wilkson said:

>I hafta be selfish here.  I don't own a supercharger, and I loath, detest,
>despise, abhore (point made) the idea of making my 2600 dependent on a PC.

Sorry, I got a little carried away on that brainstorm, but I was just
outlining possibilities.

>Why not do this with a cart?  The cost may be more, but it's not huge.
>I can build my Mega Cart for around $20 (granted, no packaging, docs,
>or label).  And I would be more than happy to burn (and play ;) ) test carts
>for anyone who asked.  I might even make blank loaner carts available to
>developers.  And the thing is easy to use!  No serial i/o, no waiting for
>new data to load.  Just "ask and ye shall receive".  Bang!  New data.
>I really want to see a project like this happen.  But the 2600 community is
>small enough without limiting the audience to supercharger capable gamers.
>And using the pc as a drive just flat destroys the spirit of what you're
>doing.  I can see maybe using it as a load per game.
>Maybe.  But a game should not swap data to/from the pc whie it's running.
>It's just wrong.

Your cart has up to 128K ROM and 16K RAM if I remember correctly, right?
That is enough for a pretty big game.  Are you using EEPROMs, and if so,
what sort of burner would I need to test something using your cart?
Testing a program of this type isn't possible on current emulators, and I
couldn't deal with the delays in having someone else do testing (I'm the
type who'll change one instruction, compile and run, repeat until it works.
=) )

At a production cost of $20, the final price would be around $35-40
including an author royalty (more than the $5 of Rescue Bira Bira and
Edtris, I'm sure) and shipping.  That isn't too bad if the game world
rivals NES Zelda or Final Fantasy.

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