Re: [stella] Re: Need programmer: Atari 2600 RPG Project

Subject: Re: [stella] Re: Need programmer: Atari 2600 RPG Project
From: emooney@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Erik Mooney)
Date: Sat, 05 Apr 1997 20:56:52 GMT
>The PC is not being used because it is a 200 MIPS workstation.  It could
>very well be a throwaway 286 with an 8-bit soundblaster running DOS or a

Doesn't even need to have a soundblaster if someone gets the joystick-port
loading to work.. a cart with 2k ROM and 2k RAM would likely be enough in
that case, and it could load from any PC with a serial port.  I wouldn't
know enough about any other hardware to do it, but it would be cool to do
the loading from a C-64 or TI-99 or something =)

>$150 stock 8mhz 68K Amiga 500. It is being used simply as an automated
>digital audio playback device, merely an auto-cueing version of the
>cassette decks that were loading Dragonstomper loads years ago.  Unless
>you consider games like Mindmaster already "just wrong" then you shouldn't
>object to Erik's idea.

I'd love to get auto-loading from the joystick port to work.. it would be
very tricky to load direct through the port, but having the 2600 tell the
PC which audio track of the CD to play would be quite doable (a simple DB9
serial cable should work, possibly switching one or two pins.)

>What about the manual?  An RPG needs a decent manual, especially one this

A 20-page b/w manual could be printed for under $3, I'm pretty sure, and
maybe $8-$10 for an NES RPG-style full color 80-page book.  One could
include a functional 4-page text manual with the game, and offer a hintbook
with full-color maps and everything for an additional $10.

>On the other hand, if you distribute via .BIN, and all you cared about as
>a programmer was making back manufacturing costs, you could release the
>entire RPG as a .ZIP archive that would probably be less than 300K in

If I spent this long on an RPG, I'd definitely want to make some profit
from it.  I have no problems with releasing smaller games as freeware, but
an RPG is serious stuff.

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