Re: [stella] demo update: PCMSD20.BIN

Subject: Re: [stella] demo update: PCMSD20.BIN
From: Piero Cavina <p.cavina@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 11 Apr 1997 12:05:13 +0200 (METDST)
At 20.36 10/04/97 -0500, Lee Seitz wrote:

>>Here's a major update of my current demo.


>I think there's the beginnings of a unique game here.  Here's my
>advice for making it a game, to listen to or disregard at your

>1.  Assuming you go with your earlier idea of dodging the back and
>forth balls lest you lose energy, I think the fast ones will have to
>be slowed down.

Yes, they're too fast. I've also tried to enable sprite-replication for the
balls - looks great so this feature will be added sooner or later.

>How about the remaining ones speed up as the player
>destroys them?  They'd also slow down as they come back.

Good idea, this must be done. I suppose that balls speed should depend on a
skill level parameter.

>2.  I like the bouncing affect of the player, but it would be
>difficult to control.  I think you said something earlier about the
>player bouncing out of control when struck.  This sounds good to me,
>as long as the player regains control after a couple seconds

I think that the player should move whith acceleration, that is:
player is standing still. you push the joystick, and it moves slowly; keep
pushing the joystick and after a few moments it moves faster and so on until
the maximum speed is reached.
'River raid' plane moved this way, if I'm not wrong.
Player could regain from the bouncing effect opposing its motion to that
given by the colliding balls... I hope you understand what I mean.

>Kool Aid Man.  (Okay, so maybe the game won't be completely original
>after all.)

Hey, mine could me much better than Kool Aid Man... =)

>3.  Uh, I thought I had more but I've now forgotten it.  Keep working
>on it, although I can't help but ask, what happened to Mondo Pong?

MP was almost finished when the Mac Powerbook where it was being developed
on had big troubles. I had to switch to a PC outside Supercharger+Atari+TV
range if I wanted to keep working for the 2600 :-/
Meanwhile, I've started playing with DASM and emulators and in a few days
the first Multi Sprite demo was ready. Now MP might be shelved for a while
(thought I hate to suspend projects when they're almost finished) because I
don't want to lose too much time porting MP from the XP2 Assembler to DASM,
not forgetting that testing and debugging on emulators a two-players
_paddle_ game is really annoying.


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