[stella] NTSC 2600 wanted (was: Re:PAL<->NTSC colors)

Subject: [stella] NTSC 2600 wanted (was: Re:PAL<->NTSC colors)
From: Piero Cavina <p.cavina@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 17 Apr 1997 12:34:08 +0200 (METDST)
At 12.52 16/04/97 +0200, Eckhard Stolberg wrote:

>>I've finally burned an Eprom in order to run Eckhard test programs.
>>The description of PAL colours that Eckhard sent some time ago seems quite

>Thanks for testing it. Does that mean you see grey four times too, but no real

Yes, the first and last two colours are the same grey. What is surprising is
that the TIA has many nice colours but there isn't a bright, intense RED -
at least in PAL.

>>Instead, in order to write a multi-standard game, here are some things that
>>I must understand:
>>- Is the number of hues the same in PAL and NTSC, or does one of the two TV
>>standards have more colours?
>There should be 16 hues on both systems, but there is not nessessarily a
>corresponding hue for each hue in the other system.

Yep! Does this mean that PAL and NTSC versions of many well-known game don't
look the same?! So 'Pitfall' could look different from what I've been used
to for so many years? :)

>The colours are encoded in YIQ on NTSC and in YUV on PAL.
Thanks for this information, not easily available elsewhere...

>Someone with more knowledge on this subject than me could probably calculate 
>RGB values for both systems, so that we could see whitch colours correspond, 
>but I can't.

A hue-conversion table could be find also by experimentation.
Take a multi-standard TV (not even so expensive these days) and two 2600
units, one PAL and the other NTSC. Then run your test program on both and
try to find the matching colours switching between the two systems. The
different power supply shouldn't be a problem because the 2600 wants low
voltage DC.

I've got the multistandard TV and the PAL 2600, now I'm very interesting in
obtaining a NTSC unit so that I can do the experiment (...and play all those
NTSC-only rom dumps with the correct colors, BTW :-))

Please let me know if any of you in the US has a NTSC 2600 for sale... the
best thing would be a 2600jr because it's very small and light and shipping
shouldn't be expensive (joystick and power supply aren't needed). I know
they're worth a few dollars, but you could consider a trade with some PAL
carts of mine (don't panic, I've nothing really rare for trade :)


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