[stella] OKIE DOKIE reviewed by a magazine

Subject: [stella] OKIE DOKIE reviewed by a magazine
From: Eckhard_Stolberg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Eckhard Stolberg)
Date: Tue, 2 Sep 1997 14:58:03 +0200
The current issue of 'ST inside / Atari Magazin', the last German Atari
magazine still available, has a test of several new 2600 games.

The games are Beast Invaders, a hack of Space Invaders by Jeff Minter and
Bob Colbert's programs Okie Dokie and Stell-A-Sketch in the unfinished version.
They seem to have tested on an emulator only.

Okie Dokie was rated
graphics 75%
sound    50%
fun      85%
overall  80%

Beast Invaders got 5 points less in each category except sound, which was
50% too.

Stell-A-Sketch wasn't rated, because it's not really a game.

Ciao, Eckhard Stolberg

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