[stella] About OT...

Subject: [stella] About OT...
From: Robin Harbron <robinh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 08 Sep 1997 13:49:33 -0400
Dan Boris wrote:

> P.S. Sorry if this has gone off topic of this list :)

There seems to be enough OT stuff here that we should make
another list - I find all this talk very interesting - about
the make-up of other classic computers/videogames.  I'm
facinated by most of it - but it seems awful there isn't
a place to discuss it- however, I agree that Stella shouldn't
get crowded by OT stuff... 

So, who knows enough to get another list going?  I'd love
to hear more about the Odyssey, Intellivision, etc., all
the "other" classic stuff that isn't so popular.  It could
be stella_ot@xxxxxxxxxxx :)


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