[stella] RE: stuff never done on the Atari

Subject: [stella] RE: stuff never done on the Atari
From: Robert "A." Colbert <colbertb@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 09 Sep 1997 09:01:14 -0500
>Reply to your message of 9/7/97 4:28 AM

>If a programmer has done something though, never tried before on the 2600,
>then it must be announced even if there isn't any playable game yet!
>Detalils, details! :-)

Well, I have been fiddling with programming the 2600 again.  I've been rather busy getting my CD release of Stell-A-Sketch/Okie Dokie together (watch for an announcement in the next day or 2).  Anyway, here are 2 examples of programs I have written.  The first one, Race, shows a scrolling, asymmetrical playfield with Player 1 and Player 2 present.  Unfortunately, with the vast amount of timing difficulties, I can only have 1 missle present.  At any rate, I'm taking a break from this project for a little while, I've burned out on it and need a fresh brain next time I look at it.  The other program, multi, you may have seen before, since I uploaded a previous version of it to this list. It is showing 8 copies of player0 on the screen using a smart algoritm to reduce flicker.  While you notice a lot of flicker on the emulator, it looks far better on a real 2600.  At any rate, both will probably make it into a game in the future, though my immediate plans are for the multi kernal.  Let me know what you think.  BTW, the blocks on the race game are player1, and they can have double height resolution, but right now are just blocks to show that I can indeed span the width of the playfield.


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