RE: [stella] Whodunit?

Subject: RE: [stella] Whodunit?
From: arb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 1997 12:22:28 +1000
 > Also, has anyone decided to have a go at a virtual pet game for the   

Funny you should mention that, but I was toying with that very idea. I am   
currently in the process of working out some rules for how the beastie   
should behave - I have one virtual pet that I have managed to kill twice,   
but I want to see how a couple of the others work as well, to help   
determine the various parameters.

It should make for an interesting first project on the 2600...

Amos Bannister
IT Support Officer
La Trobe Shire
Traralgon, Victoria

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