[stella] Oystron, Tetris26, etc.

Subject: [stella] Oystron, Tetris26, etc.
From: Chris Pepin <cpepin1@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 15 Sep 1997 22:01:24 -0400 (EDT)
While I do read the posts on this list every day,
I've been short on time to try out many of the new games and demos.
Having found myself with a bit of free time, I loaded up a few of them.

1. Oystron
	The last version I had tried was 24.  Let me say I was blown away
when I loaded up the newest version.   This game is great!  I really like
the warp effect the ships and oysteroids make when they appear on the
right side of the screen. I like the music and sound effects too.  Neat.
The marks on the screen to show where the oysters are is a nice touch.  I
showed the game to my brother and he thought it was a 7800 game.  I
personally like the color pallette.  I live in NTSC land so I'm sure it
doesn't look the same in PAL.  If this game would have come out in the
early eighties, you would be rich. :-)

2.  Tetris26

Hmm, this game could use a few improvements.  The game was almost
uncontrolable.  Everytime I would press the button to rotate a piece, it
would spin so fast I had a hard time getting it the way I wanted it.  A
little work making the letters a bit more recognizable would help.
Otherwise the game seemed pretty good considering how quickly it was
thrown together.

3.  Minesweeper Clone

	This game is a pretty good port of minesweeper.  Though I must
admit I was never a real big fan of minesweeper on the pc to begin with.
The game seems to be pretty good so far and with the addition of a few
more levels it could be extremely fun.

4. Multi demo

I like the colored sprites in the earlier version and was a bit
disapointed when they were replaced by x's in the controlable version.
Otherwise this would make a great screensaver for a game. :-)

Overall, I'm very impressed with the games and demoes so far.  If only
some more tutorials would be written and a better more comprehensive guide
to programming the 2600 existed.  

I should have a slightly updated version of stellagraph uploaded to my web
page in the next day or so.  I know I said that a couple of months ago,
but this time I'll actually do it. :-)  The new version will allow you to
copy the code values and then you can just paste them into your source
code.  I had been hoping to do some more things with the program, but it's
kind of hard when I don't fully understand how the 2600 works. 

Chris Pepin

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