Re: [stella] ASSEM/EDIT

Subject: Re: [stella] ASSEM/EDIT
From: Greg Miller <gmiller@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 22 Sep 1997 09:51:55 -0500
Wakefield, Allen (GEA, 077089) wrote:
> I don't know how many of you are farmiliar with Atari 800's but I
> thought I'd pop this question up anyways.
> I bought a few games at a flea market on Saturday. Included in the box
> was an 800 game with no label - no glue marks or anything (it looked as
> if it never even had one). It had one of those tape strips that you
> indent letters on (Like when you get a pager and they stick your number
> on the back) - it read ASSEM/EDIT. I have looked all over the net and
> not found anything about it. I haven't had a chance to go by my parent's
> to pick up my 800. I am thinking it is ASSEMBLY?? And if it is so, why
> did it never have a label?

Sure, that's the Atari Assembler/Editor cartridge, it appears, not a game. I'm
not sure why you didn't find any info on it, but it's the most common
assembler for the Atari computers by far. You can probably get several $ for
it on comp.sys.atari.8bit
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