Re: [stella] request for comments: RESCUE.BIN

Subject: Re: [stella] request for comments: RESCUE.BIN
From: PatMan <dgeller@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 27 Sep 1997 01:33:35 -0400
>>BTW, the number of combinations wouldn't be 5!, it'd be 2^5...minus
>>one to signal "no button pressed".
>Actually, it's exactly 2^5 = 32.  Thus my original 32-key keyboard.
>(not the one that was prototyped) No buttons pressed is %00000 in a
>"pressed = 1" world.

There is a problem -- there would be no difference in the signal sent
from your keyboard when you press no key or if you press the key that
corresponds to no joystick input or fire button pressed...they both
result in %00000.  That leaves only 31 "usable" combinations, with the 
32nd usually reserved as a signal to "do nothing" (and sent "automatically")

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